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Welcome to Grouse House Technologies

Exciting News!!!! Grouse House Technologies has a reseller in Europe -
If you are from that region please head to their shop to get all your GHT gear locally rather than from the other side of the world.  Stanizlav who runs the shop is one of the nicest guys around and will be more than willing to help you out in any way he can with setting up your GHT gimbals.

Please note that if you live in Europe and still want to purchase from this Australian store, I will need to declare the full price on the consignment note.  So be prepared to pay whatever the going VAT is for your country on top of the prices I have listed here. Please consider that in your calculations when deciding to purchase from Australia instead of the EU store.

Still keen to find a motivated GHT reseller in the USA, so if you are that person/company and know your brushless gimbals inside and out please email me -


We develop and sell custom designed multi-copters, camera stabilization systems, customizable radio controlled equipment and FPV gear.  If you want to get into multicopters and/or are interested in aerial video/photography this will be a great place to start.  

I personally came to the conclusion last year that you don't need to spend thousands of dollars to be able to put a stabilized camera in the air and even fly that craft remotely via video (FPV).  The cost of this technology has dropped to the point where you can start to purchase equipment that used to be considered "Professional" gear a couple of years ago, but at around 1/4 the cost, or less.

Over the next few months we will be introducing new and exciting products guaranteed to make some heads turn.

Wherever we can, we will strive to offer the most competitive pricing you can find on the net.

Also, if you are an Australian customer you don't have to wait weeks for your products to arrive from overseas.  

Please see what's in the store and what's IN STORE for you in the not too distant future.

Also, please check out the "official" thread on for the NEXt-Gimbal -
Grouse House Technologies NEXt-Gimbal - Full carbon fiber brushless motor gimbal for NEX-5 sized camera's.

NOTE: If postage options are not presented at checkout, your country's postal rates may not have been defined yet.  Don't worry, just send me a quick email (via Contact link above) specifying your country and I'll define a postage rule with the cost breakdown for each weight range specifically for your country ASAP.  As soon as that is done you can then select the postage option you would like to use in your cart.

Here is an excellent example of what you can achieve using my gimbal (EZ-Gimbal with 3 Axis Mount V2) -

Big thanks to Alex from Iryxbro
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